Hello this is Doeboyz Community. We are here to have fun and play as a whole team.

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Template to Join

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1 Template to Join on Sun Mar 27, 2016 6:16 pm

Copy paste this Template and answer them in a New Topic.

1- Whats your Steam Id?
2- Whats your real name?
3- Whats your Timezone?
4- Whats your Steam Name?
5- Why you want to be part of this community/team?
6- Can you donate?
7- Do you have a mic?
8- Background information?
9- Whats some positive things you like to do as a member?
10- Do you have Team speak?
11-Whats some things you will do as a member to help the community out?
12- Must join Steam Group
13- Who reffered you to the community??

Teamspeak server: ts21.freets3.net:10252

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